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Your news feed without algorithms

How to make your own news feed using RSS

tech 4 minute read

Some years ago I was completely locked up in facebook. Now the newsfeeds of social media no longer control me. I manage my own news sources using the free open technology called RSS. You can too, it is surprisingly easy!

Local development using test domains

Use .test for all your local projects

tech 2 minute read

Most web developers work with their projects locally set up on their laptop to easily test things without having to push changes to a server. I prefer to use docker-compose and the “.test” top level domain so each projects ends up at: “www.project.test” Problem When using Docker for local development with multiple projects, you quickly end up with of having to separate your projects only by port numbers. Each project takes up one or more ports on your local machine.

Installing Plex on Raspberry Pi

Stream your media to any device using a tiny server

tech 3 minute read

Plex is like having your own Netflix, but with the movies you have on your computer. You can also put it on a computer that is always on, like a server, and then access it from anywhere in the world! I am a long time Plex user and obsessed with how well made this free software is. I’ve been running it on many different machines throughout the years. Recently I tried installing it on an old Raspberry Pi 2 that was laying around, these are my notes from that installation!