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Your TV is watching you

Surveillance capitalism is already here

privacy 2 minute read

When you buy an Alexa speaker or a device with built in Google Assistant, you probably expect it to listen and record, at least when you talk to it. But there is something else in your home that is monitoring you all the time and sending that data to third parties. It is your “Smart” TV. Almost every smart TV from every brand run local content recognition software (ACR) to detect your media consumption patterns.

Installing Plex on Raspberry Pi

Stream your media to any device using a tiny server

tech 3 minute read

Plex is like having your own Netflix, but with the movies you have on your computer. You can also put it on a computer that is always on, like a server, and then access it from anywhere in the world! I am a long time Plex user and obsessed with how well made this free software is. I’ve been running it on many different machines throughout the years. Recently I tried installing it on an old Raspberry Pi 2 that was laying around, these are my notes from that installation!